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I need help with this! Please comment if you would like to volunteer. We appreciate your help! Thanks :) I need help with this!Please comment if you would like to volunteer. We appreciate your help!Thanks :) Posted Tuesday, January 23, 2019 11:35 AM -I need help with this! ##-Work Budget: $5-$10/hr (about $0.25-$0.50/post) ##-Work Language: English ##-Country Restriction: No restriction on country of service or residency; however, there may be limitations on hours available for non-US citizens (see below). ##-Work Type: Student/Part-time or Full-time (Typically 2-10 hrs a week) |||-For students, we require email verification from your university or other academic institution about your eligibility. ##-Time Duration: 2 weeks to 4 months (typically 1 month) ||| -We provide minimum of two weeks for processing and scheduling. Please add the word "minimum" next to your requirements if you want to add more time. For example: "one month, minimum zero". ##-Location: All over the world ||| -Please specify country and/or location within country. Location includes but is not limited to: country, state/province, city, apartment/house number/postcode, and country. ##-How to Apply: Post a request for this job at the project board or contact me through PM. If you already have experience working with us before please apply using the form below. Thanks! ##-How to Apply: . You can post a request at the project board or contact me via PM. ##-Contacts: Hi, i would like to work with you :) My name is komal and i am currently looking for some work. I like to learn new things and make them happen. I take pride in what I do, and i am always willing to try out new things out if it works. The problems come when people make hard limits on what they expect you to accomplish within limited time, at limited resources (time, money, etc.), and while working under restrictive timelines (e.g., limited number of hours available for posting your work before the deadline). cfa1e77820

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