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The first language is one of the most important languages that is known to man, since it is used for more than talking. Other languages are also the same, but the first language has more importance due to its use in other countries all over the world. There are more than five thousand languages in existence today. The first things you need to learn are these basic components of this language called nouns, verbs, adjectives etc which can be found at start here. These are very important objects because they help you talk and write some things and manage a conversation with other people easily without any disturbance or trouble whatsoever. They can also help children to learn and retain things that cannot be understood by adults only due to the lack of skill and knowledge in that area of specific lines and words. However, when there are children related related to the first language, they may not be able to learn any other language well, because their thinking processes are much slower than grown people. These are massive disadvantages when you are thinking about the future. This is basically because when you are growing up, your thinking ability increases much faster than any other person's in the world due to your age. Therefore, the first language is a basic and essential ability for every human being. The second language or any other foreign language is a very big advantage for the person who is going to try and learn them because it will not be a problem at all. At last, people cannot communicate even though they feel like they can due to the complexity of words available in their first language. For example: If you are not familiar with English, you would not be able to comprehend the many words which are used in it. But if you are familiar with English, you can easily understand most of them but still make some mistakes also. Due to this reason, foreign languages are more beneficial than the first one. For this reason, the first language cannot be considered more important than the second language. 2. The first language is considered more important than any other language. Why? The first language is considered more important than any other language because it is the most basic one; if you are not familiar with this, you would not be able to learn another form of languages easily. Thus, with no knowledge of the basics in the first language, it would be very difficult for you to learn another one without constantly making mistakes in pronunciation and spelling them wrong. 3. It is very important for the learner that the first language they learn is easily understandable by them. Why? It is very important for a learner that their first language they learn is easily understandable by them because if their first language cannot be understood by them, it will be difficult to know how to teach them new languages and make some noises, while trying to speak in a foreign language. Thus, this makes it more difficult for the learners to progress with their learning skills rather than simply limit themselves on what they can or cannot do. cfa1e77820

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