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Young And Freedman University Physics 11th Edition In Pdf.torrent Nanste

External links Official website Category:Physics textbooks Category:Scientific modelingQ: Separating HTML data with slashes I'm having a little trouble separating the string from the data string = '5 in 1 
 ' I want to have ['5', 'in', '1'], ['
', 'H
'] But at the moment I'm getting this: ['5', 'in', '1', 'H
'] Code for getting string: for url in ['', ''] html = requests.get(url) soup = BeautifulSoup(html.text) string = soup.findAll('a', attrs={'href':''})[0]['href'] A: I used a regular expression to take out the parts I needed from the string. Thanks for the help regex_to_parse = re.compile(r'(?i)href=["']?([^"']*)') def parse_links(data): links = [] for match in regex_to_parse.finditer(data): links.append( return links def main(): url = '' links = parse_links(url) for link in links: print link if __name__ == '__main__': main() OUTPUT: 5-in-1 5-in-1-h You can put it in a loop and apply it to all the links if you need. A Christmas present with a wow factor This Christmas, I am sure you will want to give the whole family something extra special, a gift that will wow them. We have taken this advice from our precious angel to heart and created a beautiful gift for my husband and I, ac619d1d87

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